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How to plan the wedding confetti

Confetti for your wedding, here are all the tips.When it comes to weddings, there are many things that must be planned, from the venue to the flowers and everything in between. One aspect of wedding planning that shouldn't be overlooked is the candy.
 Wedding candy is a great way to add some sweetness to your special day. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding candy.

Italian confetti for handcrafted weddings is an excellent idea for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding candy

Consider the Theme and Color Scheme

When selecting wedding candy, it's important to consider the theme and color scheme of your wedding. This will help you choose candy that complements your overall design. If you're having a rustic wedding, for example, you might want to opt for classic candies like caramel apples, s'mores, or cotton candy. If your wedding has a more traditional feel, you might prefer more classic wedding candies like Jordan almonds or personalized M&Ms in your wedding colors.

Choose a Variety of Candies

When selecting wedding candy, it's essential to provide a variety of sweets. This will ensure that everyone can find something they enjoy. Consider including a mix of chocolates, gummies, hard candies, and even some sugar-free options for guests with dietary restrictions.

Personalize Your Candy

Adding a personal touch to your wedding candy is an excellent way to make your guests feel special. You can customize candy wrappers with your names and wedding date or even have personalized candy made with your initials or wedding logo. You can also set up a candy buffet table with various candies in different jars or bowls, allowing guests to mix and match their favorites.

Consider the Time of Year

The time of year your wedding takes place can also influence your candy selection. For summer weddings, you might opt for lighter sweets like fruit gummies or lemon drops. For winter weddings, you might prefer heartier candies like fudge or peppermint bark.

Plan the Display

Finally, it's important to think about how you'll display your wedding candy. You can use candy dishes, jars, or even mini candy carts to showcase your sweets. Make sure to have plenty of scoops and tongs, as well as bags or boxes for guests to take their candy home.

The best sugared almonds for weddings in Sulmona

Among the best sugared almonds even for weddings in Italy is the ancient tradition in confectionery that has made Sulmona (ittadina abruzzese in the province of L'Aquila) the oldest Italian sugared almond factory in the beautiful country.
 It is said that it began the Monastery of St. Clare to further the study and processing of sugared almonds, starting in the 15thl. It flourished thanks to the passion and dedication of some local families, as early as the Pelino. Founded in 1783 by Bernardino Pelino.

Wedding candy is an excellent way to add some fun and sweetness to your special day. By considering the theme and color scheme, offering a variety of candies, personalizing your candy, considering the time of year, and planning the display, you can ensure that your wedding candy is a hit with all of your guests.

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