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If you are going to create an article for your institution or service, please fill out the form by typing what you would like to request, include a title, description, your contacts, and you can insert an image. In fact, we'll email you when specified. Insertion can be done by us or by having an account where you can upload and edit messages yourself.

Note that to appear on this portal you must adhere to good quality standards. In the event of a report of mismanagement, we will notify you to correct and improve the feedback received, and if there is a second report, we may exclude you from the portal. We do not accept facilities and services rated less than  4 stars on Google Maps.

Describe your service (use more than 400 words, the text must be original, photos you own the rights to, indicate all the contacts you think and only 1 link *word*).

All insertion details will be sent later by email, or you will have direct access to the portal.

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